Sam Tsui – Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me


Sam Tsui’s latest cover by Hunter Hayes ft. Jason Mraz got me feeling it for being single.

This song is actually not that depressing but Sam Tsui made it so. And I love it even more now because I love depressing songs. (hahaha) Yeah, I know that I have some weird taste for music lol

The minimal piano playing, the use of melisma, the harmonization ; Everything fits just right in creating this cover. I wonder did Sam Tsui did the thinking at all before recording this song?

Yes, I’m still single, who wants me???  *waving hands*


My new cover !!!

Miley Cyrus – Wreaking Ball ( Cover )

I’ve been working on this cover the whole day !!

It took me few hours to do the recording with piano and by singing by using my iPod Touch ( Yes , I don’t have good equipments like condenser mic yet ) and then transferring them over to Garageband ( and yes , I am using a Macbook Pro ; I’m an Apple fan haha ) and started the editing process !

Editing these two elements together took me forever and whatever it is , it’s now finally done and uploaded to Soundcloud .  Please check it out !! It’s one of Miley Cyrus’ single , Wreaking Ball . And if you love this simple cover , please share them out ! =DD

Thank You !